Cross Asset Platform

BITSWAP24 Exchange will bring significant and lasting change to the trading of financial products by creating the first true Cross-asset

BITSWAP24 will enable trading of foreign Exchange and commodities for crypto currencies along with its CFD platform. Working with zero redundancy across crosss assets will make single dimensional vanilla exchanges redundant. BITSWAP24 will span out as a universal platform for trading of spot and derivatives. An API with unmatched capabilities shall be offered that will enable qualified dealers to buld their Bots and trading algorithms around it. this will therefore as a natural corollary enhance the use cases for Bitcoin and BITSWAP24s own token BSWAP as a medium of exchange and eventually ensure that Bitcoin and BSWAP become trading units of accounts that’s appropriate for global trade and with an additional advantage of sans restrictions.

BITSWAP24 team believes that the investment process should be more democratic and accessible to the vast majority of people who want to increase their funds. Investors who have cryptocurrencies in their asset portfolio do not have the opportunity to trade on world financial markets by investing in conventional asset classes Stocks of world famous companies, Indices, Commodities and forex etc. BITSWAP24 will have several tokens of a special kind that will correspond to one or another type of traditional assets. Trade in such assets will occur in the same way as trading in cryptocurrency on any exchange.

Here are the tradable variants across multiple asset classes cast in the decentralised platform being created by BITSWAP24:

  • Cryptos to Cryptos
  • Cryptos to Forex
  • Cryptos to Commodities
  • Cryptos to Stock CFDs
  • Cryptos to Indices
  • Cryptos to Banking Withdrawals
  • Forex to Forex
  • Forex to Commodities
  • BSWAP fee discounts
  • Commodities to Commodities
  • Commodities to Forex
  • Commodities to Stock CFDs
  • Commodities to Indices
  • ETF’s to Indices

Over the next three years we are poised to become a front running digital operative of centralized and decentralized multidiscipline and yet regulated platform of exchanges, listing venues for foreign exchange pairs, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. We intent to become provider of data services for commodities and cryptocurrencies. We plan to operate regulated marketplaces for listing, trading and clearing a broad array of structured derivatives and securities contracts across major asset classes, including metals, energy and agricultural commodities, forex derivatives, bonds and currencies. 13 BBITSWAP24 Our exchanges will include platforms for trading in forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Our cryptocurrency exchange has been set up in the European Union (EU) and we are making inroads in the Middle East too.