BITSWAP24 Exchange will bring significant and lasting change to the trading of financial products by creating the first true Cross-asset

We want to infuse confidence in the common man along with large financial institutions to be a part of this huge paradigm shift from paper and plastic to the blockchain technology. Our platforms will find immense value for Investment Banks, Wealth Management Trusts, Fund Houses, Foundations, Broking Houses, Corporations, Family Offices, Individuals and Nodal Agencies too. We expect to marginalize the stronghold of the nodal centralized exchanges and through the underlying blockchain make trading and holding digital assets (which includes futures, forwards and structured derivatives) easy and interesting. Over the next 12 months, we will create a hybrid working model of a centralized as well as a decentralized exchange which incorporates atomic swaps.BITSWAP24 lays extreme importance on security while ensuring that the traders / subscriber’s holdings has a multilayer protection that makes its platforms hack-proof.

Services on Offers

  • Exchange
  • Arbitrage Solutions
  • White Labeled Solutions
  • Liquidity Provider
  • Custodian Services
  • BITSWAP24 Exchange, IOS & Android App
  • Institutional Desk
  • Leveraged Trading
  • Market Maker